What is a Seasonal Consignment Event?

What is Sweet Arrows Events LLC?

Sweet Arrows is a local company owned by two stay-at-home moms who are passionate about getting a great deal.  It is Sweet Arrows’ job to find the facility for the sale, recruit consignors, market for the event, run the sale and send checks out to consignors at the end of sale.  Sweet Arrows’ earns 20%-30% on the sale of the items at the event to cover the costs of the facility rental, marketing, and other costs related to the set-up of the event.

Who are Consignors?

Consignors are people who have high-quality kid, baby and maternity items they would like to sell.  They prep their items, tag them and bring them to location of the sale the day of the pre-sale.  They earn 70%-80% on the sale price of their items.  After the sale, they either pick up the items that haven’t sold or donate them to The Club for Boys.  They will receive their checks within 2 weeks after the sale.


Who are the Team Members?

Sweet Arrows' team members play an important role and help the sale to go smoothly!  They help set up, tear down and keep things organized during the event.  Team Members are independent contractors that earn $20 for a 4 hour shift.

What is a Sweet Arrows Seasonal Children’s Consignment Event?

Sweet Arrows Consignment Events are held twice each year in the spring and fall in Rapid City.  Consignors bring gently-used baby and children items to the event the day of the Pre-Sale.  These items are prepped, tagged, and priced by the consignor beforehand.   Consignors keep 70% of the items selling price and receive a check in the mail within two weeks after the event.  Shoppers find great deals for quality items they need for their growing children.


Why Consign?

Turn your clutter into CA$H!  You will find that consigning with Sweet Arrows is a great way to earn extra money with less work than organizing a garage sale or selling items on E-Bay or Craigslist.  You will earn more money for your items than selling them to a traditional consignment store.  Sweet Arrows finds and rents the facility, advertises and organizes the event, and sells the items for you.  You get a check in the mail within two weeks after the event.  You set your own selling price for your items.  You decide if you want the items to be discounted in the Saturday Half-Price Sale.  You decide if you would like your some or all of your items donated to Cornerstone if items do not sale.  You earn 70% of each items selling price.  Sweet Arrows helps you thru each stage, by giving you all the information you need to prep your items on our easy-to-use website.


Why be a Team Member?

Being a team member has perks! Work for 4 hours and you can shop during our Silver Team Member Pre-Sale event and earn $20!  Be a team member for 8 hours and you can be the first to shop at the sale during our Gold Team Member Pre-Sale event, earn $40, AND be the first to shop at our Gold Team Member Pre-Sale Half-Off Sale!

Why Shop?

So, what should be expected when shopping at a Sweet Arrows event?  It seems that some clothes are only worn a short time and then children grow out of them. Many toys are just played with a few times and then kids are on to the next new toy.  At Sweet Arrows, we give families the opportunity to buy and sell items that are in good condition. Being able to make and save money always makes a savvy shopper happy!

​A Sweet Arrows Consignment event is a great opportunity to buy high-quality, gently-used baby, kids and maternity items at a discount.  You will find clothing sizes Preemie to 16, shoes and accessories, strollers, baby gear, diaper bags, bedding, nursery and children’s furniture, toys (indoor and outdoor), books, DVDs, seasonal clothes(costumes, special occasion dresses, jackets, swimwear, etc.) and more!!


All of the merchandise is conveniently tagged, organized, and displayed by category. Clothes are all displayed on racks by gender and size.  If you are looking to stretch your clothing budget and keep your family looking their best, we are the place for you!