Team Member Job Descriptions



Are you strong?  Can you work quickly and get things done?  This position requires some heavy lifting and carrying.  MEN ARE APPRECIATED for set-up and tear-down/clean-up.  Send your husband to work this shift and enjoy the opportunity to shop early!  We need many team members for this position as many hands make light work. 


Drop-Off Item Inspector


Are you detailed-oriented?  This position requires being attentive to detail and able to inspect large quantities of items for stains, flaws, and make sure items are in working condition.  Remember, everything accepted must be in excellent condition.  Be ready to turn items away that are not up to Sweet Arrows standards (it happens to the best of us ;).  




Are you creative?  Are you organized?  This position requires you to take a pile of similar items and turn them into an organized and easy to shop display.  The job is perfect for anyone with retail experience.

Register Assistant


Are you friendly?  This position can get a little crazy but will be fun!  Greet people as they enter the sale.  Help check-out and bag items.


Sales Floor Assistant


Do you like to keep things tidy?  Do you like to assist others to find good buys?  Your job will be to assist in keeping the sales floor organized, assist customers, and help shoppers that need assistance.

Pick-Up Assistant


Do you like to get things done and assist others?  Your job will be to assist consignors during Pick-Up time gather their unsold items.  You will also assist in gathering items that will be donated to Cornerstone Mission.