Become a Team Member

Why become a team member?

Being a team member has perks!  Help for 4 hours, you can shop during our Silver Team Member Pre-Sale event and and earn 20 CA$H! Help for 8 hours, you can be the first to shop the sale during our Gold Team Member Pre-Sale event, earn $40 CA$H, and be the first to shop at our Gold Team Member Pre-Sale Half-Off Sale!

Dads are needed to help with the set-up and the clean-up process. Extra muscles would be appreciated. When dads work, the wives love it because they get to shop early!

You do have to be a consignor to take advantage of the opportunity to be a team member.

Click here to schedule your team member shift.


Team Member Policies

In order to offer our consignors, buyers the best-selling, shopping, and working experience in a well-organized, safe, and fun environment, it is important that team members are mindful of the following policies:

  • HAVE FUN!! Yes, you are working and there are very important duties to be done…but we want you to enjoy being a team member!

  • Team members must be friendly, enthusiastic, and prompt.

  • Team member shifts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be approved.

  • Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes to your shift.

  • We ask that you arrange for childcare during your scheduled shift(s). As a team member you will need all of your attention focused on your duties. This is a safety precaution for your children and a break for you. Some parents team up with other families to work different shifts and swap childcare.

  • All team member must check in prior to the start of their shift at the check-out area by the entrance of the sale event. Showing up on time for your shift helps ensure an efficient transition between shifts.

  • We require 48 hour notice if you need to cancel your shift. Please note that you can try to switch shifts with other team members if you are unable to make your shift.*

  • If you do not show up for your shift and have not cancelled your shift, you will be assessed a $30 penalty.  This will be deducted from your consignment check.*

  • If you do not show up for 2 shifts, you will no longer be able to be a team member for future Sweet Arrows Consignment Events.


*Please note that we are fully aware and sensitive to the fact that unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances do arise. We will take into account these circumstances on a case-by-case basis.