Drop Off/Pick-Up

Drop Off

  1. Before arriving, please organize items numerically using your inventory sheet please ARRANGE by size and gender (items should be girls first, smallest to largest in the same order of your Inventory List).

  2. PARK on the west side of the building.  Look for the sign that says CHECK IN HERE! When you arrive to drop off items, leave your items in your vehicle.  You will be given your scheduled pick-up time for items that do not sell, Consignor Pre-Pass, and a car seat or crib disclosure form if needed.

  3. BRING your items to the Inspection Station and a check-in associate will make sure your clothes are hung and tagged correctly and are free of stains, tears, missing buttons, etc. before being placed on the sales floor.  Please do not be offended if some of your items are rejected.  It is easy to overlook a small flaw when preparing for the sale.  Be sure you have working batteries in items that need them.

  4. After check-in process, all clothing items must be placed by consignor on the correct rack and all other items must be placed on the sales floor in the correct designated area. 


  • Consignors have the option of donating unsold items to Safe Families and The Cornerstone Mission or picking them up.  Items that are not picked up will be donated to Safe Families and The Cornerstone Mission.  If you know that you want to donate some or all of your items, please mark these items while creating the tags.

  • When picking up, gall your items using your consignor number and proceed to check-out where your items will be verified.  Remember larger items as they will be separate from the clothing.  Sweet Arrows is not responsible for any items that are forgotten.

  • There will be a lost and found area that we encourage you to look through as you leave.

  • All items that are left after your scheduled pick-up will be donated.

Drop Off Location:

First Assembly Church Gym

4905 Mt Rushmore Rd

Rapid City, SD

(park in the back of church on the west side of building, look for CHECK-IN HERE sign)